Meet the Chef

I started this website completely on a whim. Truth is, I was burned out from my career as an automotive advertising copywriter, aka the “words” guy. I’ve loved cars since I was a kid, so it seemed like an ideal career path after college. And for the most part, it was very fulfilling. But after two decades of weathering the ups and downs of the industry, toxic work environments and a recession thrown in for good measure, I had had enough.  

What would I do next? I had always had a knack for cooking and tinkering with recipes, so I thought: why not combine my love of writing with my love of food? So, here we are, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m excited to see where this new endeavor takes me. And perhaps best of all, I’m my own boss. Outside of food, my other true loves are: classic car shows, the gym and giving back to my community.  

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this site as I did in creating it. Thanks for stopping by.  

The Dish


Unfussy cooking that’s fast and flavorfu— and most of all — shareable.

Tell Me More

A Table for All not only celebrates my treasured family recipes but something else I’m passionate about: promoting inclusivityAnd gathering around the table to share a meal is a perfect place to start. You’ll also find blogs that cover things like helpful tips, LGBTQ+ owned businesses and extraordinary movers and shakers in the culinary world.  

What You’ll See 

Most of my comfort food recipes have a unique twist — an unexpected, yet simple ingredient that steps up the flavor and makes the dish shine. Things like a Midwest version of spaghetti that’s baked with a cheddar cheese topping or cookies made with corn flakes that require no baking at all! 

What You Won’t See 

Needlessly complicated recipes/or pretentious ingredients. Instead, my recipes use common ingredients you can buy anywhere. To me, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying out a new recipe only to learn it requires an ingredient found only at a “specialty” food store. I think food should be accessible and am certain that you don’t need highfalutin ingredients to cook fabulously. 

So, pull up a chair and let’s get cooking — together.