Paul Wayne

Paul Wayne Food

A trip to a local farmer’s market on a Saturday is where it all began. That’s where Paul Wayne sampled a chocolate chip cookie … not just any cookie, but the most decadent he’d ever tasted. This was the inspiration for the years of relentless testing to come up with his own signature chocolate chip cookie recipe. This passion goes beyond just the cookie, evolving into a thriving business, aptly named Paul Wayne Food.

Paul Wayne is no ordinary food store; each handcrafted product uses the finest natural ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial flavors. Having met Paul and sampling a few of his products, I can attest to his unwavering commitment to quality.  

Paul Wayne products can be found at select retailers. Custom marketing and event favors, holiday and business gifts, and cookie assortments for all special occasions are also offered — perfect for the holidays. For any of these custom options, call 312.838.4343 or email:

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